Cleanse. Balance. Rebuild.

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So you want to purify your body, tame a condition and not be drained of energy in the process… Genesis Pure is exactly what you need to get started. Each product has been clinically tested and perfected for YEARS using natural products and minerals that cleanse, balance and rebuild your body. 

1. Why cleanse? When aiming for overall wellness, you need to “clear the cobwebs.” Flush your body of the free radicals that prevent the regulation of blood flow and poison your system. 

2. Why balance? A proper pH balance throughout your body is IMPERATIVE to good health. However, acidity flies under the radar, and we intake so much more acidity than we realize. It’s in our tap water, it’s in our juices, it’s in certain meats, it’s everywhere. One of the best places to start balancing your body is to aim for alkaline. Free radicals can not thrive in an alkalized environment. 

3. Why rebuild? After cleansing and balancing your body, you have a fresh start to rebuild your body the correct way. Intake the beneficial foods and limit the harmful ones. A cheeseburger every now and then isn’t going to kill you- but remember you are what you eat. Focus on leaner meats, and fish, which contain the omega 3s your body needs. And exercise! Even if it’s just walking everyday, it IS helping. We can’t live without oxygen and neither can our cells. The more oxygen our cells receive, the healthier they become as well. The smallest living units in the human body are cells- so if we start by purifying them, everything else will fall into place. 

Keep these three things in mind as you structure your lifestyle. If you need a jump start, contact me about Genesis Pure… it has done some amazing things for me, and I know it can for you too.

Happy health, all!